Call for Presentations

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  • Topics include but are not limited to

    * Network/Cloud/Endpoint Security

    * Mobile/Portable Device Security

    * IoT

    * Radio Hacking (SDR, RF, GSM, NFC, etc.)

    * Web Security

    * Malware Analysis

    * Cryptography

    * Data Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

    * Social Engineering

    * Vulnerability Research and Disclosure

    * Privacy

    * Wireless Security

  • Talk times

    Short Talk: 20 min + (5 to 10 min) for Q&A

    Long Talk: 40 min + (5 to 10 min) for Q&A

    Lightning Talk: 5 or 10 min. No Q&A

    *Talks deemed to be a sales pitch of products/services, or PR marketing campaigns, will not be accepted

    *Employer logo may appear on two slides only - intro and bio

  • Review process

    Our CFP Review Panel, comprised of experts from both industry and academia, will review all abstracts for appropriateness and the all-important "wow" factor. All submissions will be rated, and the first round of acceptance notices will be issued thereafter. Submitters will have approximately one week to respond, after which time the panel will move down the acceptance list.

    Our board members:

    Alejandro Ortuno
    Christian Martorella
    Diana Kramer
    Guillermo Grande
    Martin Vigo
    Nico Estevens
    Ramon Vicens
    Silvia Puglisi
    Xavi Mendez